Admission Requirements

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Notre Dame International School. We uphold the idea that being in an integral, holistic, multilingual, multicultural, international, and Catholic oriented community challenges our students and helps them to learn, lead, and be aware of the world needs. Our goal is to positively impact lives one student at a time.

Therefore, we venture to serve all families and students and our admissions process has been oriented towards creating a flawless process for you. We are available to clarify your doubts to help facilitate the admissions process. If you are in Nicaragua, we welcome an opportunity for you to visit the school.

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Students requesting admission to NDIS should complete the following steps.

1. Fill out the Application Form

2. Copy of the Birth Certificate

3. Letter of financial clearance from the  previous school

4. Vaccine Records (only Nursery and Primary School). Students from 6th through 12th grade must present a Health Certificate

5. Pre-school students: Official last Report Card

Students from 1st to 6th grade: Original and copy of the transcripts from previous school (in English or Spanish) from the last three years (if applies)

Students from 7th to 12th grade: Original and copy of the transcripts from previous school (in English or Spanish) from the last five years (if applies)

6. Students coming from foreign schools must request the special procedure required by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education

7. Two recent photographs (passport size)

8. Fill out the Health Record Form

9. Complete the Contract Registration

10. If coming from local school, present the Ministry of Education School Transfer form Hoja de Traslado/Cambio de Centro which includes the student code

All documents should be submitted to the Admissions Office. An interview with the School Counselor is required. Student may be asked to have a meeting with the Primary or Secondary Director or the Academic Director  if needed. Placement exams will be given from 2nd grade and on to determine the students academic level in English, Spanish and Mathematics. Entrance to grade level will be determined by the Academic Director or the correspondent Director, based on all submitted information.

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Blanca Sobalvarro Zelaya
Responsable de Admisiones ND
Cel: (505) 7656-7999 Tel: (505) 2276-0353/54  Ext. 119
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